Ion Creangă's selected works, finished in Bucharest. Memories of my boyhood is one of L.'s favorites and rightfully so. It's a nice sarcastic tale that gives a good insight in the Romanian culture of that time. The other stories are the same style, but sometimes more fantastical. Good collection of stories.

Mihai Eminescu's selected works. A succinct collection of his best poetry and two prose stories as well. The stories are icing on the cake, it's the poetry that matters. For this I should really learn more Romanian, as I'm quite certain a lot of their beauty is lost in translation. Nevertheless, they read nicely, especially out loud. Makes you want to dive into other Romantic poets. (William Blake has to suffice for now though...)

29 December 2007

East European Monographs, 1991
Translated from the Romanian by Kurt. W. Treptow

(citește în română)


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