Bought in Berlin, this second in the Zuckerman series. It's been awhile since part one, The Ghost writer, so this felt like the Roth I should read next. I don't know what it is with these Roth books. The last few I'm not so enthusiastic about, but still I keep coming back to him. I suppose because it's nice to check out his oeuvre and they're always good reads, well-written, if not astounding. Same here, some forgettable parts, some very good ones, especially towards the end. Entertaining stuff.

31 January 2010


The latest Roth, second this year. A nice read as always, didn't flag, but couldn't interest me very much either. The next one should certainly be one of his 90's 'classics' like American Pastoral.

1 September 2009


Considering Roth for MA thesis material, I thought I should at least check out his debut. Had already read some short works of his, but never any short stories, so this collection of one novella and five stories was something new. The novella I liked. It's got a quick, easy plot and good characters. While not entirely 'gripping' or something, it was charming. Of the stories I liked "Epstein" and "Eli, the fanatic" best. The other three were okay in their way, but these two were really good, both touching and disturbing at the same time. A good debut. Next Roth maybe part two of the Zuckerman books or Sabbaths's theatre.

16 January 2009


A quick, casual read, this (almost) new novel by Roth. It's well-written as usual and quite interesting as a late sequel to The Ghost writer. Nothing groundbreaking or brilliant as I expected. Just an easy, nice book to read outside of the compulsory reading lists.

10 November 2008


A short, thoughtful novella. Very laid-back writing, with musings on the past and the great emptiness of the future. The main character is quite imperfect, but you start to feel it could've been you just as easily. And then he's gone. Very depressing really, despite the sometimes sardonic writing of Roth. He's starting to become one of my favorites, this versatile writer.

20 November 2007

Vintage, 2007
Originally published 2006


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