Cătălin Dorian Florescu - De blinde masseur

This book was written by a Romanian living in Switzerland and writing in German, but I read it in Dutch. De blinde masseur is about taking chances or playing it safe, about the difference between passive Cioran and active Camus. The successful Teodor has made it in Switzerland but feels a need to return to his homeland Romania. There he meets a cast of sick, poor but charming people who he feels strangely drawn to. They lure him into their lives and in a sadistic twist the tables are turned and they drive back to Switzerland in his Audi and leave him stuck in rural Romania the same way as they once were. Ironic, isn't it? But that's only one way to look at this book. It's playful, definitely ironic but quite thoughful as well. Florescu is an intriguing writer and his book is charming, sadly charming if that's possible.

30 November 2007

Arena, 2007
Original title Der blinde Masseur, 2006
Translated from the German into Dutch by Jeannet Dekker

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