E.M. Forster - Collected short stories

A little Forster book I had in my closet for over four years. I'm glad I finally picked it up. Reading Forster is always very relaxing, it's like a warm bath. Calm, sophisticated English which makes you feel good somehow. The stories in this collection are not so well known as novels like A passage to India or Howards end, but equally enjoyable in themselves. Forster desribes the stories truthfully as 'fantasies' and thus we find Mediterranean fantasies, after-life fantasies, future fantasies and mythological fantasies. They can be strange and confusing or sometimes even a little brutal, but in the end they're always fun to read: they tickle your own fantasy.
I especially recommend "The celestial omnibus", "The road from Colonus" and "The machine stops" (a quirky prelude to Internet). Anyone who's enjoyed Forster's novels or even the movies about them can't go wrong with reading these stories.

8 January 2008

Penguin Books, 1965
Originally published 1947


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