Jane Austen - Pride and prejudice

It's been almost five years since I've first come upon Pride and Prejudice. It was one of the first books we had to read as English students. Although almost impossible to imagine now, back then I didn't know anything about this famous novel. Today though, its story seems almost too well-known. (Just to point out its absurd popularity: I remember a class about two years ago where almost half of the students present gave P&P as their favourite novel!) Luckily, for me this novel is not about the story at all. It's about irony, about understated comedy and silly characters.
Re-reading Pride and Prejudice in 2008, I was able to appreciate all these things more than I could back then. So, who knows, if this delightful novel keeps getting better in time I might pick it up again in another five years or so.

22 June 2008


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