Sue Townsend - Adrian Mole: The cappuccino years

One reviewer of J.K. Rowling's new book mentioned that if you want some proper British comedy you should pick up Sue Townsend. That made me realize (apart from the fact that I'm probably never going to read this Rowling book) that I still had one of Townsend's Adrian Mole books lying around. Perfect after a somewhat dry book about the 1st World War. I read the first two Adrian Mole books years ago and this turned out to be nr. 5 already, but that doesn't matter. The characters are basically still the same, although fifteen years older. Yes, I like these books: they're dry, witty and charming in a clumsy british way. I usually say to people I don't care much for 'funny' books, I might as well watch a comic film, but with Sue Townsend I actually want to read them.

23 October 2012

Penguin books, 2000
Originally published 1999


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